Guild Schedule

The Virtual Productions Guild is a community for enthusiastic explorers of VP.
We have planned guest lectures, case studies, field trips, and much more!

📅 To be announced
✔ Guest Lecture


Egon Verharen, the Innovation Manager of NPO will talk about the developments of VP and how the 15th VPRO Medialab Hackathon about Virtual Productions went.

📅 To be announced
✔ Guest Lecture



Peter Stoel will give us a lecture about Virtual Productions, and how the company HeadQ tackles content creation. 

📅 To be announced
✔ Guest Lecture


Antonio Lacayo is part of OARO Studios, and will give a lecture to explain camera lens calibration.

📅 2022-10-02
✔ Field Trip

Ready Set Studios

Full day field trip to the RSS Studios in Amsterdam, understand they process, their technology and work process.

⏰ 10:00 AM to 03:30 PM (meet on location)

📅 2022-09-22
✔ Guest Lecture

Iron Films

We’ll have a guest speaker in this week’s guild – Iron Films! Working in the field with Virtual Productions, they have a bunch of tips and tricks on how to tackle the challenges of VP.