VP Resources

VP Resources is a space where we are sharing our open material to support Virtual Productions.

We will be updating this regularly, and new learning material will be available. 

VP Knowledge Base

The purpose of these manual is to give a strong foundation in the creation of video and film projects using virtual production-assisted technology.  Developed for VPSN Erasmus+ Project: 2022-1-DKOI-KA220-HED-000085785

Template – Creative Vision

Creative Vision refers to the overall aesthetic and thematic. The creative vision of filmmaking of a film can be shaped by the director and other key members of the creative team, and includes a mood board, and the definition of style and tone.

Template – Storyboard

A storyboard is a visual representation of a film or animation, created in a sequence of illustrations or images displayed in a specific order. It is used by filmmakers, animators, and other creative professionals to plan and communicate the different elements of a project, such as camera angles, shot compositions, and the flow of the story.

Template – Shot Breakdown

In order to identify the technical requirements for each shot, such as the type of camera and lenses used, the lighting equipment, and any special effects required, and revise the Pre-vis whenever necessary.

Template – Shot List

Plan that outlines all the shots that will be needed for the film. This plan will consider how the shots will be used to tell the story and create a certain visual style or convey a certain mood or emotion.

Template – CallSheet

Detail daily schedule. Using the shot list, you can plan the shooting schedule and the daily call sheet to identify any potential technical or logistical challenges that may arise during the production.